Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keepin' On.

Today was kind of a hard day for me. It did start off with a very loving and encouraging phone call from my man, but after that it took a tiny dip. My job comes with a lot of unnecessary drama and it’s really unfortunate because besides using the accucut machine (I seriously hate this machine, in fact, I’ve accidently broken it twice and my boss still has me use it) I like my job. Occasionally there are rude customers, but for the most part the atmosphere is pleasant. I will not post anything specific about the drama, I just wish it was no longer there and today seemed to be a particularly bad day for it. One of the main reasons I enjoy my job is that my boss is a creative person and not the slightest bit administratively minded. I, on the other hand love tedious, administrative tasks. Once my boss realized this she started leaving all of those tasks for me and that made my job even better. So while today was a bad day for drama is was a great day for clerical work and that was nice.

I’ve been sick the last couple of days and it’s been kind of a bummer. Thankfully it’s not the throwing up kind of sick. I just have a stuffy nose and congestion in my chest. I am SO thankful for medicine. I took two little pills today and was able to breath and it was so lovely. I felt almost completely normal.

Yesterday I took my sister shopping for her birthday presents since her birthday is in nine days. I always let her pick them out because I want to buy her what she likes. Also, it makes her happy to get to pick stuff out. While we were out and about I bought myself a pair of awesome sparkly green sunglasses and a new shirt. Since my sister works at hot topic I get a 40% discount because I’m family and that’s really awesome! The discount also works on already discounted items so I got my sunglasses for less than three dollars! Crazy! I just love getting good deals! 

I am really looking forward to this weekend because I get to actually spend time with my man and his family! Jonathan's brother Jason, sister-in-law Amy, and nephew Parker are coming for the weekend which is very exciting! Jason is hysterical, Amy is truly lovely so I really look forward to my time with her and little Parkosaurus Rex is the cutest little ball of energy and I can't wait to scoop him up in a big ol' hug!

Parker and Jonathan. Aren't these two adorable?!

PS- I've got pictures of some fun crafts coming, but since I'm mailing them to Erica Reese I don't want to ruin the surprise until she gets it! 

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