Monday, September 12, 2011

A Very Crazy Time

Okay, I’ve been slacking a lot with my blogging because my life has become incredibly busy since school started back up again. It’s hard for me to sit and blog when I should be doing homework or loving on some friends. So let me back this train up and tell you about some crazy awesome things God is doing in my life!Towards the end of August I started to feel God calling me to quit my job at the scrapbooking store I was working at. I was really fighting Him on it because I did not want to quit my job without having a different one lined up and ready to go, but the work environment was so unhealthy. He just kept telling me that it was not where He intended me to be. So, on the 30th I decided that I was definitely going to turn in my official letter of resignation in the next day and just be done working there. I knew that I had to trust God to see me through instead of relying on something as superficial as having a job lined up. I wanted to job to be my safety net, but deep down I knew that my only real safety net was God and that I needed to do as He asked. On the 31st I was waiting for Jonathan to get done with his classes so he could go to the scrapbooking store with me to turn in my letter of resignation and collect my paychecks. I wanted to have a witness there in case things got ugly (yes, things were that bad with my former employer).  While I was waiting, I decided to go shoe shopping because retail therapy is always cheers me up. As I was looking at shoes the manager of the store came and started a conversation with me. I told him that I was quitting my job that day and he offered me an application and an interview spot on the 1st of September. It was a really great boost for the rest of my day. I did turn in my letter of resignation at the scrapbooking store that day and the whole thing went down drama free.

I went to my interview on the 1st and the manager said I was the best interview he had all day, that he loved my spunk, and then he hired me on the spot… ON THE SPOT! This is a rarity. He still had three days on interviews and he hired me. God completely provided for me. So, I am now a sales associate at Journeys in the Findlay mall. It’s the best shoe store around. Come in and I’ll hook you up!

As if God providing for me in such a huge way wasn’t already awesome, on September 2nd at 11:24 am Silas Daniel Baczkowski was born and boy is he a handsome little man. Catherine and Dan are awesome parents and I am so in love with the little guy already. Silas makes it so there are an even number of boys and girls with 2 nieces and 2 nephews. I’m ready for Jonathan’s siblings to bless us with more babies to love! I am ecstatic that Dan, Cat and Silas live so close to me! It’s awesome to just be able to drive over and love on that sweet little boy!I’ve been working on some recipes so stay tuned! 

Also, Jonathan and I have started step one in my dream of owning a brewery by buying a homebrew kit to experiment with. We are super pumped to brew beers and ciders. Here is a little fun fact, I do in fact have dreams where Jonathan and I run a brewery together and name all the beers after our friends. It’s a reoccurring dream and I have it at least once a week. Check back in to see how our experimentation with brewing goes!

I'll post more Silas pictures tomorrow, but for now enjoy this one!

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  1. Yay! I love this! So happy for you and your job AND beer brewing! Woo! :)