Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Day Redeemed

Today was interesting, I didn’t have a particularly good day, in fact it could be considered a pretty lousy one. I had to work from 10-6 today, but I forgot my lunch at home. My nose can’t decide whether it wants to be stuffed up or leaking snot so my indecisive nose keeps giving me headaches and stomach aches. Both of my knees are swollen and my boss shorted me sixteen hours worth of pay on my paycheck. All sorts of icky things kept happening today, but I just could not get upset over it. My heart has just been overflowing with joy all day God just kept wooing me with the little things. A beautiful sunrise, wonderful time in the Bible, one of my favorite songs on the radio, a butterfly landing on my shoulder, a lady bringing her trained therapy dog into the store and getting to play with him, working on some crafty things to mail to my friend Erica who is on Summer Project in Colorado, a customer offering to pick up lunch for me, a customer sharing her recent hardships with me and being able to sit with her, then have her accept when I offered to pray with/for her, and a beautiful evening to enjoy a walk at the reservoir with my family. There’s nothing sweeter than being pursued by God in the midst of what could be a no-good-very-bad-day.